Unbelievable, but true! bits of movie trivia you didn’t know

Did you know that Jennifer Lawrence went deaf in one ear while shooting “The Hunger Games” or that the cartoon character Aladdin was modeled after Tom Cruise? Check out the following surprising facts that every movie buff should know.

The roar of the T-Rex dinosaur in “Jurassic Park” (1993) was produced by layering the sounds of a tiger, alligator and a baby elephant.

When “Mad Max” (1979) ran low on funds, director George Miller offered his own vehicle for one of the crash scenes.

In the first “Spider-Man” movie (2002), a Steatoda spider (that looks somewhat similar to a black widow) was used. It was given anesthesia and then painted blue and red for the scene.

Did you know that Disney character Aladdin was modeled after Tom Cruise?

Members of the Irish Army Reserves were used as extras in “Braveheart” (1995), and some of the scenes had to be re-shot as the soldiers in the background were wearing wrist watches and sunglasses.

“Kill Bill” (2003) is Quentin Tarantino’s first movie in which the F-word is used less than 100 times. It’s spoken on 17 occasions.

Voice actors Wayne Anthony Allwine (2nd L) and Russi Taylor (2nd R), who gave voice to the characters of Mickey and Minnie Mouse in Disney productions, were married in real life.

The sketch of Rose posing while wearing a diamond necklace in “Titanic” (1997) was actually made by film director James Cameron. He also drew all the other sketches that we see in Jack’s sketchbook.

Actors Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan had never played a game of chess in their lives until the movie “X-Men” required them to do so.

Originally, the minions in “Despicable Me” (2010) were envisioned as large Orc-like creatures, but they were later made smaller and cuter.

While “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,” (2006) was being shot, Hurricane Wilma interrupted the schedule. The crew had to be evacuated to Los Angeles because of the hurricane alert.

The “Toy Story 2” (1999) was planned for a direct-to-video release, but Pixar found its script so good that they decided to release the sequel on big screen.

The alien language in the sci-fi action thriller “District 9” (2009) comes from rubbing pumpkins together.

Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster got their driver’s licenses made after getting a role in the film “The Fast and The Furious” (2001).

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